Listing Order Status Tracking (Website/Mobile App)

Myntra Logistics Tracking Jabong

#Way 1: From Website

  1. Open the proper website of Jabong that is The inception page of Jabong will add all the newest stocks as well as continuous sales and advertisements.
  2. Progress to the “Hey, Your Name” section in the big right of the best header and select the “My Organization” title from it.
  3. Select the sect which you would like to follow and click on Order Details communicating to that status.
  4. Scroll hair and click on the Show Tracking Details title.
  5. Tracking accessories will be arranged on the cover of your PC.

#Way 2: From Mobile App

  1. Start the official portable app of Jabong which y’all can download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
  2. Click on the ME button from the power right in the below bar.
  3. Select my orders to title from the orders tab.
  4. Select the system which you would want to follow and click on the “items” option today in the order which you would like to follow.
  5. The tracking position of your booking will be presented on the cover of your mobile machine.
  6. Myntra claims that they deliver the products that are the fastest and present. Myntra also claims that they usually deliver all products to their place within 7 days. The first to reach is Myntra. Myntra claims benefits on purchase.
  7. Myntra Logistics Tracking Jabong has also created a lot of terms and conditions for shopping. For example, if your order is lost and it has not reached the designated location then your shipping fee will be refunded and it is paid very soon. The order is canceled, no refund is also made in the fee.
  8. If you want to track the order, first create your ID on Myntra and login into it. If you want the profile and select the given orders then you will get your shipment.

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