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Roulette is probably among the most played games in any casino. It’s because it’s an online
game loved by many, and in addition, it is incredibly simple to play. Since the last few years,
this traditional game has changed with improved software and now comes with several more
options. Let’s take a look at some of the most well-known and exciting roulette games you
can test out in India.


The oldest and most well-known variants to play are American, French, and European
versions. These are offered at many land-based casinos. Thanks to the advancement of
technology and the advent of online gaming, many versions are available and are able to
play online. We’ll be discussing and describing some of them. One of them is called the
Lucky Star, Oriental-themed roulette that is similar to classic European or American games,
with the sole distinction being that the game’s board is in the shape of a star.

Vintage Variants

This is our second edition and is a perfect game for gamers from the past world. It looks and
feels similar to the 1980’s version of pinball. The game is played the same way as normal,
with the player placing bets, choosing the numbers, colors, and groups. After spinning, the
next screen appears, revealing numbers and a ball. If it hits any of the numbers on your list,
then you’re winning. If one ball isn’t enough, try our next option, Double Ball Roulette. This
variation offers double the excitement and more winnings. The game is the same as
standard roulette. The only difference is you can place two additional betting options and, if
the ball lands on the number you choose, you have the chance of winning 35/1 of the bet.
However, if you’re fortunate enough to select numbers and both balls fall on them, you may
get a winning of 1200/1 of the stake.

Even More Roulette Games Offerings

The graphics and excitement with the new game exceed your expectations. Its 3D Roulette
game offers the sensation of being playing the game, observing every movement that
occurs, and increasing the fun aspect of the gameplay. Multi-wheel roulette tables are
designed for players who want more. The multi-wheel roulette table allows players to select
how many wheels they wish to be playing on, which increases the odds and winnings.
Additionally, Marvel roulette has a unique variation, and it has Marvel characters. If you
choose the Marvel Bonus option and the ball is landed on, you’re guaranteed an amazing

What are the advantages of following professional tips to earn money at online casinos?

Whenever you play a game – be it any kind of game, it is always best to play by the rules and the tips that are given. This makes the game an easy one and increases your chances of winning. Similarly, if you wish to play at online casinos, where you will have to invest your money, it is advisable to follow the tips and tricks that have been told by experienced players or the website itself. Mentioned below are the advantages of following professional tips while you enjoy a game of online gambling.

    • If you follow and read up on the tips while playing at online casinos, you have the opportunity to participate in all the bonuses and promotions that are going on. If you have a keen eye, you will always keep a lookout for the bonuses that are being offered.


    • The resources that are provided on the internet for online gambling are of huge help. If you read up on them before investing money in a game or putting in all your energy in a game then you will know what to do and what not to do. This way you can steer clear of making any mistakes and play in a smart manner.


    • One of the best professional tips that players can give you for playing at online casinos is the knowledge of the virtual money that they offer you so that you can continue playing, even if your account is empty. This is one of the biggest benefits of playing online. Physical casinos never offer virtual money to their players therefore, if you read up on the tips and tricks, you will know when to get virtual money so that your game does not get interrupted.

Play Real Money Roulette Online

Roulette Gaming with real online money on the internet is the most effective way to
experience the rapid-paced, exhilarating excitement of a real roulette table. Play a variety of
roulette games, various limits on table sizes and a selection of attractive bonuses. Bet on
real money roulette now in any of the recommended casinos online for the chance to play
part in the most loved game of luck.

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